Kirjeitä tulevaisuudesta (Letters about the Future)

Kirjeitä tulevaisuudesta - Ääniä maapallon säästymisestä (Letters about the Future – Voices on Saving the Earth), published in 2017, contains dialogues, where the people from the Global South and North ponder the current local and global environmental problems and social injustices and search solutions to those. Writing to each others are fishermen, indigenous people, researchers, activists, poets and documentary makers e.g. from Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Iran, India, Philippines and Finland. The texts are insightful, unconventional and challenging the rich North.

Dialogue partners are: Nnimmo Bassey (NGA)- Raisa Marjamäki; Taghi Farvar (IRN)- Teppo Eskelinen; Lakshmi Moorthy (IND)- Jaana & Teemu Kouri; Judy A. Pasimio (PHL)- Pieta Hyvärinen & Marjaana Jauhola; Davi Pereira Júnior (BRA)- Inkeri Aula; Rajesh Daniel (THA)- Mika Koskinen; three baiga communities (IND)- Antonina Kulyasova (RUS), Pentti Heikkinen, Ville-Veikko Hirvelä, Ossi Kakko & Kai Vaara.

Book has been edited by researher and novelist Antti Salminen. Book’s illustrations are from Shekhar (IND), Michaela Casková, Riikka Keränen and Nestori Syrjälä. There are also letters from the Centre of Healing from the Industrial Civilisation. Epilogue is written by researcher Tere Vadén. Book has been produced with the funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. Book was published on 26 September 2017 in Helsinki. See more information on the event and the subsequent book tour around Finland at Siemenpuu’s event page and in Facebook. The book tour was supported by Kone Foundation.