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WSF2021: Human rights and diversity of life on Earth sustained indigenously – undermined by the EU law

Tapahtumapaikka: Webinar

Time: UTC 07:00

Brief Description:

World Social Forum 2021 discussion on how European colonial heritage of governance continues to violate sustainable indigenous life around the Earth.

While indigenous communities around the Earth have adapted their ways of life and cultures to live by the regeneration of the local biodiversity, they have shown to the world living examples how people can live the life of the local ecosystems and fulfil their human rights by the biocultural diversity of the local life-heritages.

Archana Soreng, indigenous Kharia Adivasi woman from Orissa, India, Member of UN Secretary General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, will tell about how indigenous peoples’ life fulfils human rights and sustains Earth’s diversity of life and how we need to protect indigenous life-heritages.

The ways how sustainable indigenous biocultural life-heritages have used and lived with the diversity of Earth’s life are displaced by the TNCs and globalised commercial control of Earth, which are driven also by the commercial competences and over-consumption maintained by the EU treaties. Ville-Veikko Hirvelä, a Finnish activist tells about the global impacts of the legislation of the EU, which has not approved to be bound by the UN human rights treaties.

The violating impacts of the EU policies in Kenya on its indigenous peoples will be highlighted by Yator Kiptum, an indigenous Sengwer man, Executive Director of the community-based Sengwer Indigenous Peoples Programme. He tells about the murder of Sengwer Robert Kirotich by the Kenya Forest Service in the context of EU funded WaTER Programme.

– Archana Soreng is indigenous Kharia Adivasi woman from Orissa, India, Member of UN Secretary General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, Research Officer, Vasundhara Odisha, Member of National Adivasi Alliance, Former Convenor of Adivasi Yuva Chetna Manch

– Yator Kiptum is indigenous Sengwer man, Executive Director of the Sengwer Indigenous Peoples Programme, a community-based organisation, a member of the Forest Indigenous Peoples Network of Kenya and a member of Kenya’s Hunter Gatherers’ Forum (HUGAFO)

Language: English

Organized by the Biocultural Rights theme group of the Siemenpuu Foundation, with New Wind Association, Emmaus Aurinkotehdas and FoE Finland action group ‘Indigenous peoples and Connection to Earth’

More information at WSF’s website.

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