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Small publications

Siemenpuu publishes brochures and small pdf publications. At the Finnish page, you can see the contents of the Muutosvaihtoehdot (Change Alternatives) brochure, as well as download the magazine annexes on biodiversity issues (2020) and climate justice (2021) on pdf format.

Siemenpuu’s brochure from 2018 has basic information of Siemenpuu and its work themes (that time), and on the reverse side, there is a map with some examples of the work results by Southern NGOs that Siemenpuu supported during 2015-2017. There is also a list of Siemenpuu’s founding organizations. The original size of the two-side brochure is A3, and A5 as folded. Illustrations were mabe by Emmi Jormalainen. You can download the brochure and result map from the button below (one pdf file)

Brochure with some text and large illustrated tree with flowers, fruits and a bird.
Siemenpuu Foundation Brochure 2018 (Illustration: Emmi Jormalainen)
illustrated world map with plants covering some of the continents, and texts in 10 circles.
Siemenpuu Foundation Results Map 2018 (Illustration: Emmi Jormalainen)