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Decolonizing Nature Conservation

In the Siemenpuu Foundation’s Finnish-language publication Luonnonsuojelun dekolonisaatio – Kohti kanssaelävää suojelua (“Decolonizing Nature Conservation – Towards Convivial Conservation”), the colonial structures of nature conservation are analyzed with examples from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Samí and Finland. Decolonizing ideas and approaches e.g. on convivial conservation from the indigenous and Southern community perspectives are then introduced. The publication also includes a photo essay “Living and Dying” by Noora Ojala.

The need for decolonizing the structures is part of wider societal change, where we need to assess the currents values, concepts and actions. At the same time, possibilities for different types of environmental protection can be opened.

Pdf ja e-Book were published in the English-language webinar on 21 Dec 2021. Recording of the event can be found in Facebook.

You can download the PDF publication (both printable computer version and accessible mobile device version), as well as the electronic book at the Finnish webpage. Audiobook is available at Storytel ja BookBeat audio book services.

Articles of the publication (with unofficial translations):

  • Olli-Pekka Haavisto: Background: Couple of words on the Western understanding of nature
  • Marketta Vuola: What happened when 10 % of Madagascar was protected?
  • Arunopol Seal: A preface to decolonizing conservation: Perspectives from a subaltern India
  • Pieta Savinotko: Gathering and plantations in and around the forests
  • Áslat Holmberg: Conserving Samí Land
  • Saw John Bright: Indigenous understanding of Salween River is key for biodiversity
  • Marirajan Thiruppathi, Girja Godana Adola & Mokuria Delelegn: Decolonization of pastoral laws and policies in Ethiopia
  • Fabrina Furtado: Anti-environmentalism and capitalization of nature in Brazil
  • Aili Pyhälä: Decolonizing nature conservation according to Natural Law: Learning from the Kogui way in Colombia
  • Antti Salminen: A word on the unsustainability of nature conservation – three blind spots and a recommendation

Haavisto, O.-P., Korhonen, P. ja Kuronen, T. (toim.)
LUONNONSUOJELUN DEKOLONISAATIO – Kohti kanssaelävää suojelua
Siemenpuun teemajulkaisu 8
Siemenpuu-säätiö, 2021
ISBN: 978-952-392-002-6 (pdf), 978-952-392-001-9 (e-kirja)

Book cover. In the cover photo, blue characters are standing in a small red boat.
Cover of Siemenpuu’s Luonnonsuojelun dekolonisaatio book (Photo: Noora Ojala, Layout: Emmi Jormalainen)