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Reporting suspected fraud and abuse

We take all fraud and abuse and suspected fraud and abuse seriously.

It is important to Siemenpuu to act responsibly and transparently in accordance with legislation and Siemenpuu’s instructions and operating principles. We definitely want to know if there are suspicions of abuse or unethical activity in our own activities or in those we finance, so that we can correct our operations and prevent similar situations in the future. We encourage our partners, employees and other stakeholders to always express their doubts related to these matters.

You can make a report by email to the address info (at) If the doubt concerns Siemenpuu’s personnel, please contact directly the Executive Director, the Chairperson of the Executive Board or the Chairperson of the Council. See their contact information here. All notifications are treated in strict confidence and the information contained in them is subject to the appropriate data protection legislation.

You can also report suspicions of misuse concerning Finland’s development cooperation funds via the online service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Anyone can make a report and it can be made in Finnish, English, French or Portuguese. The informant must be convinced of the veracity of the facts related to his report, but he does not have to be able to present his suspicion as true. The notification should only be submitted in good faith. Reportable abuses include, for example, violations of laws, regulations, Siemenpuu’s instructions or operating principles, harassment, inappropriate behavior or matters related to bribery and corruption.

When reporting, describe the case in as much detail as possible. The more information you provide, the more useful your notice will be. Give a detailed description of what exactly happened, what you saw, heard or witnessed. Tell me what gives you cause for concern.

If you need emergency help or suspect a crime, please contact the authorities.