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Apart from forwarding the messages of Southern environmental defenders, communities and civil society organisations, you can contribute to global environmental justice by several means:

  • by consuming and working responsibly: e.g. avoiding purchasing products that cause loss of tropical forests or biodiversity, worsen the climate crisis or cause displacement of indigenous people, or avoiding working in/with companies that are responsible for such impacts;
  • by supporting the just system-level transition, where the global injustice and unsustainable production and consumption patterns are addressed, and sustainable livelihoods and communities, democracy and civil society freedoms are promoted;
  • by acting for environmental protection and environmental defenders by participating in the work of Siemenpuu or other environmental or human rights organisations;
  • by being involved in politics;
  • by supporting environmental defenders by donating to Siemenpuu’s work.

Siemenpuu’s theme groups

Siemenpuu has three volunteer-based thematic groups for Siemenpuu’s funding schemes: Biocultural rights, Energy justice, and Feminist agroecology and community forests. These groups act as guidance and action groups for the respective funding schemes, and have an active role in monitoring and developing the schemes and their communication work, and in developing South-North cooperation.

Theme groups members are appointed by the board, and the members need to have a certain level of commitment to Siemenpuu. However, the group meetings are mostly open to all. If you are interested of any of the theme groups, please contact the respective theme coordinator.

Siemenpuu’s volunteer network

Apart from the thematic groups, there is a wider network of people in the communication circle. Network membership gives you an opportunity e.g. to follow Siemenpuu’s communications more closely and participate in events and discussions. At the moment, Siemenpuu’s newsletters and email messages are mostly in Finnish, but information is also shared in social media, and you are always welcome to contact our staff for more information.