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Supporting the environment and its defenders in the South

Siemenpuu supports the projects of environmental defenders in the Global South for strengthening the environment and civil society.

Colorful illustration with tropical forest and a river. People are fishing, collecting garden and forest products, and farming bees.
Smiling women in colourful dresses inside a building with grass roof.

What kind of projects Siemenpuu supports?

You can read of our programme’s principles, themes and countries from the link below. Under the Our work menu, there are also pages for the supported projects and their results.

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Colourful illustration, where rural women are farming and children playing uder a solar panel. An old tree is on foreground and more forests in the background.

Themes of our work

Biocultural rights
Strengthening the biocultural diversity of indigenous people and local communities

Energy justice
Advancing the socially and environmentally sustainable energy solutions

Feminist agroecology
Supporting the position of women peasant farmers and strengthening food sovereignty

Community forests
Advancing the collective rights of forest dependent communities for defending their forests

Illustrated world map, where some countries in different continents are highlighted with another colours and pictures of trees and saplings.

Our focus countries

Biocultural rights bring power to indigenous people

Women’s rights to food and land as the key issue

West Africa’s largest forests need communities to defend them

Self-sufficiency of communities as the best way to survive under military rule

Livelihoods and health to remote communities with solar energy

Other countries
Previous partner countries Brazil, Indonesia and Nepal

Illustration, where a person looks a plant from a mobile phone, with similar plants on the background.


  • Support environmental defenders by relaying their messages
  • Consume and work responsibly, support the system-level change
  • Act for environmental protection in Siemenpuu, other organisations or in politics
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  • Start being a monthly donor
  • Make a one-time donation (good also as immaterial gift)
  • Start a fundraising campaign in Facebook or with bank transfer