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What drives Indian farmers to city slums? Why doesn’t a Senegalese fisherman return to his home port? What is it like to live next door to Talvivaara mine? Approximately 15 million people yearly are forced to leave their homes as houses, fields, forests and rivers are replaced by mines, power plants, dams and plantations.

Sijoiltaan menneet – Kulutuksen häätämä elämä (Dislocated – Life driven out by consumption), published in 2012, takes the reader to empty and destruction-menaced houses in the global South and North. The book focuses on evictions, the root cause of which lies on consumption, economic growth and so-called development.

You can download the Finnish-language pdf book from the Finnish page of the book.

Book cover. In cover phto, a child stands next to a land filled with water.
Sijoiltaan menneet book cover