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Forward messages

Siemenpuu passes on its accumulated learnings as well as the messages of the environmental justice movement, the environmental defenders, and the low-consuming cultures and local communities of the Global South notably within Finland.

Our communication objectives are to

  • Increase Finnish people’s awareness on environmental problems in the South and negative effects of overconsumption;
  • Bring the sustainable systemic alternatives and just transition initiatives from the South into the Finnish development and environmental discussion;
  • Promote the Southern indigenous viewpoints and worldviews as part of our development and environmental communication;
  • Introduce the sustainable forest use practises, smallholder agroecological solutions, sustainable energy solutions and the biocultural rights of indigenous and traditional communties;
  • Enable the mutual learning and dialogue between the South and the North, and the deeper analysis of the mutual learnings.

The views and messages of Southern communities and civil society movements are present in Siemenpuu’s publications, newsletters, social media and in events. However, conveying the communities’ life and messages doesn’t often fit into the Western communication formats. Thus, personal dialogue and learning with the people in the South is important. Also in Finland, impactful communication is often oral and personal, so it is important to raise global environmental and justice issues in personal discussions!

Welcome to forward the messages of the Southern environmental defenders in your own networks and communication channels! You can for example write to the Letter to the Editor section of newspapers, or write a review of Siemenpuu’s publication to an online or printed magazine.