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Supported projects

Below you will find the current Siemenpuu-supported projects by funding themes. The organisation names and locations of the projects in Myanmar are hidden due to security concerns.

Biocultural rights
Energy justice
Feminist agroecology and community forests

Biocultural rights

Organisation, countryProject nameSiemenpuu funding, project duration
Organisation XX, MyanmarAn indigenous-led approach to conserve forests and natural resources in Xx river valley44 500 €
Organisation XX, MyanmarEmpowering indigenous biocultural rights and strengthening resilience of indigenous communities in Myanmar43 000 € 12/2022–3/2024  
Ogiek Peoples’ Development Program (OPDP), KenyaStrengthening and realization of indigenous peoples’ biocultural rights with community protocols in Kenya77 000 € 11/2022–1/2024  
Friends of Lake Turkana (FoLT), KenyaStrengthening indigenous voices through Biocultural Protocols in Loiyangalani District, Lake Turkana Area82 000 € 10/2022–3/2024  
The Society for Alternative Learning and Transformation (SALT), KenyaStrengthening community and ecosystem resilience by asserting biocultural rights of Indigenous and local communities in Tharaka70 000 € 9/2022–8/2024  
Yiaku Laikipiak Trust (YLT), KenyaStrengthening the role and capacity of the hunter-gatherer indigenous people in safeguarding their natural resources70 000 € 7/2022–6/2024  
Sengwer Indigenous Peoples Programme (SIPP), KenyaImplementation of biocultural community protocol to restore Embobut and Kapolet forests and securing of Sengwer land rights40 000 € 7/2022–6/2024  
Indigenous Information Network (IIN), KenyaTourism and Biocultural Community Rights100 000 € 8/2022–7/2024  
Natural Justice (NJ), KenyaPromoting biocultural rights of the indigenous and hunter-gatherer Aweer community in Boni, Lamu County86 000 € 9/2022–8/2024  
Endorois Indigenous Women Empowerment Network (EIWEN), KenyaBuilding Resilience of Endorois Women on Local Governance and Land Ownership Rights32 500 €
Lokichar Action Network (LAN), KenyaDocument community customary rules to set evidence, strengthen protocols and tools for protection of community land, natural resources & traditional knowledge (Turkana South)34 000 €
Lamu Women Alliance (LAWA), KenyaCommunity Land Protection Program in Lamu County35 500 €

Energy justice

Organisation, countryProject nameSiemenpuu funding, project duration
ONG JIGIYA, MaliOrientation of women and youth to renewable energy in Bougouni commune44 439 €
Association Malienne pour le Développement, la Protection de l’Environnement et la Lutte Contre la Désertification (AMADE PELCODE), MaliStrengthening of livelihoods and climate reslience of women and vulnerable groups in Dio-Gare commune49 949 €
Réseau Genre et Energie Durable (ENERGIA-Mali), MaliStregthening of the economic autonomy with renewable energy in the village of Kéla             49 869 € 2/2023–1/2025  
Association de Soutien aux Initiatives Communautaires (ASIC), MaliAdvocacy for the adoption of renewable energy facilities for better access for vulnerable communities in the Koulikoro region100 000 € 12/2022–11/2024  
Œuvre Malienne pour le Développement des Zones Arides (OMADEZA), MaliPromoting access to new energy to improve the living conditions of women and children in rural areas70 000 €
Fédération Nationale des Producteurs de l’Agriculture Biologique et Equitable (FENABE), MaliSupporting the economic and social development of rural communities through renewable energy in the Bougouni region70 000 €
ONG Carrefour Développement (CAR.D), MaliPromoting renewable energy in Banamba and Kolokani79 000 €
Terre Douce D’Afrique (TDA), MaliEngaging women and youth and citizen participation to improve access to sustainable energy in the municipalities of Pimperna, Gongasso and Fama67 000 €
Organisation XX, MyanmarEnergy Justice in Myanmar: People Powered Decentralised Energy Solutions in Xx area37 000 € 12/2022–3/2024  

Feminist agroecology and community forests

Organisation, countryProject nameSiemenpuu funding, project duration
União Provincial de Camponeses (UPC) de Nampula, MozambiqueEmpowering the Mecuburi Province local communities in natural resource management, agroecological farming and climate resilience51 000 €
União Provincial dos Camponeses (UPC) da Zambézia, MozambiqueDevelopment of small scale farmers’ community based and climate resilient livelihoods in Zambézia33 000 €
Associação Acção Académica para o Desenvolvimento das Comunidades Rurais (ADECRU), MozambiqueEnhancement of agroecological food production in Sofala108 000 € 1/2023–3/2024  
LIVANINGO – Associação para a Preservação e Defesa do Meio Ambiente, MozambiqueRural women’s movement building and strenthening of agroecological practises in Gaza130 000 € 12/2022–11/2024  
União Provincial de Camponeses (UPC) de Niassa, MozambiquePromotion of agroecological agroforestry and natural resource management in Niassa52 000 € 1/2023–6/2024  
Justiça Ambiental, MozambiqueAgroecology as a solution to the climate crisis in Zambézia180 000 €
Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), LiberiaWorking together to strengthen community forestry in Liberia250 000 € 11/2022–7/2025  
Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development (SESDev), LiberiaStrengthening sustainability practices in the management of community forests in Liberia – Phase 2315 000 € 10/2022–7/2025