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Executive Board

The executive board is responsible for managing and representing the Foundation. The board of the Foundation is composed of a minimum of six, maximum of ten members. The board members are selected by the Foundation council. The board’s term of office is one calendar year, and it has normally 6- 9 meetings during the year. The executive board:

  • directs the Foundation activities and sets guidelines
  • prepares the annual action plans and budget and oversees the implementation of them
  • makes project-funding decisions
  • bears employer responsibilities and recruits staff when required
  • decides upon changes to the Foundation charter, with council’s agreement

Board members for 2024:
Mika Rönkkö (Chairperson), Saraleena Aarnitaival, Antero Honkasalo, Sini Korja, Titta Lassila, Inka Oikarinen, Simo Roman, Markku Tahkokorpi.
Alternate members: Tikli Loivaranta, Gweal Monykuany, Matti Nummelin, Tanja Seppänen, Kari Silfverberg, Kai Vaara.


The duty of the Siemenpuu Foundation council is to monitor and support the work of the Foundation. Each of the founding organisations of Siemenpuu has the right to appoint one member and one vice member to the council. The council’s term of office is two calendar years. An annual meeting is held in October-December. The council:

  • discuss on the action plan and budget
  • discuss on the annual and audit reports
  • agrees on changes to the Foundation charter
  • selects the executive board members and the chairperson
  • selects the Foundation’s auditors

Thematic Working Groups

Siemenpuu has three thematic groups consisting of volunteers and staff for Siemenpuu’s funding schemes: Biocultural rights, Energy justice, and Feminist agroecology and community forests. Apart from these groups, there is  a wider network of people in the communication circle. Get involved


The Siemenpuu Foundation has five permanent employees: a director, two programme coordinators, a communications and programme coordinator and a financial planner. Our contact details