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Protecting Tomorrow documentary

Venue: Kulttuurikellari, Olavinkatu 34, Savonlinna
Link: Open the WWW page

Documentary movie produced by Siemenpuu’s partner organisation Natural Justice at the Savonlinna International Nature Film Festival. Free entry!

Production: Natural Justice | Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania & Uganda | 2023 | 42 min | English | subtitles: English | Classification: K12

Protecting Tomorrow sheds light on the power and activism of African environmental defenders in the face of ongoing repression highlighting their experiences in Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. 

The threats and reprisals faced by defenders include intimidation, violence, dispossession and even loss of life, particularly in areas where they confront major development projects, infrastructure initiatives, and extractive industries. By sharing their stories, the documentary aims to provide a platform for African land defenders to amplify their struggles and perspectives which are either silenced, marginalized or overlooked.  

​By showcasing their experiences, the film seeks to build solidarity among defenders and movements at the forefront of the fight for biodiversity, land and climate justice, and hopes to inspire collective action, resistance and resilience at a time when reprisals against defenders are at an all-time high and when environmental justice is more urgent than ever.  

​Through heartfelt testimonials and eye-opening accounts, the film seeks to unveil the risks and dangers that environmental defenders endure due to their unwavering commitment to protecting the environment and their ancestral lands. By highlighting their steadfast determination, the film calls on participants and stakeholders to act in solidarity with these defenders and take concrete steps to support their cause.  

​The screening introduced and organized in collaboration by Siemenpuu Foundation.

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