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Climate Chaos – What Can Be Done?

Venue: Labour Museum Werstas, Auditorium, Väinö Linnan aukio 8, Tampere

Discussion organized by Tampere Film Festival ja Siemenpuu Foundation

Deadly disasters such as wild fires, floods and droughts are increasing. So is the pressure to change the societal systems that build-up the climate chaos. What are the promising developments in energy provision and land-use? The seminar features front line artists and experts Risto Isomäki (activist, writer), Poet on Watch (filmmaker, permaculturalist and art director), Noora Simola (Climate Specialist, FFD) and Eshetu Yirdaw (lecturer, University of Helsinki). The event is moderated by Marko Ulvila. Discussion will be held in English. Welcome!

The discussion will be broadcasted live at the Facebook event page.


14.00 Welcome by Marko Ulvila
14.02 #NatureNow video from Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot
14.10 Introduction of the panel and the panelists
14.20 Opening words by each panelists, up to 5 minutes each
14.40 Discussion, a round on these questions:
What are they key changes on system level / politics that are needed to prevent a further climate chaos?
What are the most positive developments on the ground (social movement, technologies, etc)?
15.25 Short poems from Poet on Watch
15.30 Ending


Risto Isomäki is a science fiction and science writer and an environmental activist. Isomäki has written four novels and eight non-fiction books about climate change, including two about trees and global warming. His books have been published in fourteen South Asian and European languages. He is a founding member of Coalition for Environment and Development and International Solar Innovation Council, among other key contributions in civil society sphere.

Poet On Watch is the producer and director of Love In The Midst Of Climate Change. Love In The Midst Of Climate Change is a short film that highlights ordinary people doing extraordinary things tosurvive and lead decent lives in the teeth of adverse circumstances in Cape Town, South Africa and Newark, New Jersey in the USA. Poet On Watch authentically represents regionally specific sub-cultures and works to bridge the conversations around race, class, and gender within multi-racial communities through her films, poetry, and earthwork. She works as an independent filmmaker, permaculturalist, and art director globally.

Noora Simola is a forestry and climate change expert with the Food and Forest Development Finland (FFD), and a FAO liaison officer in AgriCord alliance. FFD is a non-profit organisation supporting farmers’ and forest producers’ organisations and cooperatives in developing countries. FFD is a member of global AgriCord alliance.

Eshetu Yirdaw is university lecturer at the Department of Forest Sciences of the University of Helsinki. At the Viikki Tropical Resources Institute (VITRI) he is working on relationship between climate change and biodiversity, including the impact of climate change on loss of species, identification of vulnerable ecosystems and coping mechanisms.

Marko Ulvila is chairperson of the Siemenpuu Foundation and a non-fiction writer on sustainability.

Event picture: Scene from the documentary “Scenes from a Dry City” shown at Tampere Film Festival 2020.

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