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Let´s Change the Rules – Choirs for Ecocide Law

Venue: Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, Finland
Link: Open the WWW page

Large scale choir concert to help nurture our common planet!

Choirs for Ecocide Law is a Finnish-Swedish artistic popular music choir project, with a main purpose to to spread awareness about the addition of the international law on natural destruction (Ecocide Law). The Choirs for Ecocide Law project was published at the World Choir Symposium (WSCM) in Istanbul in April 2023. Now at Musiikkitalo, we’ll hear the first large scale Choirs for Ecocide Law concert in the world.

The concert consists of 15 popular music songs, whose composers are from around the world. The storyline is carried by six well-known solo choirs, a vocal group, soloists and a large choir accompanied by a band.

All participating artists, musicians, choirs, director, production and graphics donate their work for the benefit of our project. Any profits from the concert will be donated to the Stop Ecocide Foundation. Siemenpuu is supporting organizing the concert.

After the concert, there will also be a panel discussion on the need for the Ecocide Act and the current situation in the decision-making chain of different continents and the UN. The panel discussion will be moderated by Panu Halme, a university lecturer in nature conservation biology from the University of Jyväskylä. Authoritative decision-making representatives and researchers from Finland and abroad have been invited as panelists.

The most important message of the concert is to provide a positive opportunity to nurture our common planet. Welcome to the concert, where a thousand choir members sing about their joys and sorrows, frustrations and hopes related to nature.

A poster of a choir concert, where on the background of yellow logo and white texts there are black and green leaves of tropical plants.

Performing soloensembles:
* Grex Musicus, conductor Kirsi Tunkkari
* Musta Lammas
* Higher Ground Vocals, conductor Hanna-Maria Helenius
* Vaskivuoren lukion kamarikuoro, conductor Jonna Vehmanen
* Tampereen Ihankaikkinen Kuninkaallinen Tuomiokuoro, conductor Petra Poutanen
* Philomela, conductor Jennifer Moir
* Flok

Artistic working group and conceptualization
* Merzi Rajala, artistic director
* Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen, project executive
* Peder Karlsson, project executive

Simon Marainen, Kevin Fox, Federico Trindade, Chris Hutchings, Astrid Vang-Pedersen, Merzi Rajala, Peder Karlsson, Genevieve Andersen, Moira Smiley, Simone Tandbrg Christensen.

Concert dramatist
Merzi Rajala ja Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen

Hall sound
Ilkka Herkman

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