What is Siemenpuu?

The Siemenpuu Foundation provides support to environmental and democracy initiatives done by civil society actors in the South and is a development communication actor in Finland. The projects supported by Siemenpuu are tackling poverty and inequality and reduce the loss of biological diversity and climate emissions. The projects are planned and implemented locally by NGOs in the South. Local organisations are also supported by Siemenpuu in their networking and capacity building.

The Siemenpuu Foundation was founded in 1998 by 15 Finnish NGOs and foundations working with environmental and developmental issues. Between 2002 and 2021, Siemenpuu has funded nearly 700 environmental projects in over 50 developing countries. The Foundation receives funding from the public development cooperation funds administered by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The Foundation's budget for 2022 is circa 1.3 million Euros.

Global environmental threats are a result from the increase in wealth especially in rich countries, which transfer majority of the environmental impacts of their lifestyles to the South. Underlying causes for environmental degradation are the modern industrial culture, economy based on continuous growth, increasing social inequality, and the economical technological outlook on nature.  

The Siemenpuu Foundation promotes recognising the root causes of complex environmental and social issues, higlighting causal relations, and acting upon the actual causes. The Foundation aims to long-term cooperation with our Southern partners and to increase interaction based on equality. At the same time, attempts are made to deepen substantial dialogue on environmental issues and NGO cooperation between the South and the North.

Siemenpuu Foundation's work is guided by the Strategy 2022-2025, approved by the Foundation's executive board. Here you can download Siemenpuu's Ethical Code of Conduct (pdf, 460 KB). Information on Siemenpuu's current development cooperation programme 2022-2025 and its thematic funding schemes can be found in the What we do menu. The annual programme result reports are available at the Results page.

In 2017, Siemenpuu commissioned an external assessment on its work in supporting the Environmental Social Movement in the South between 2010 and 2016. You can read the press release and download the review report here. In 2020, Siemenpuu and its sister foundations Abilis and KIOS commissioned a joint evaluation. According to the evaluation (download the report from here), the foundations continue to make a distinctive, relevant contribution to Finland’s development cooperation.

Siemenpuu's brochures and books can be found at Publications webpage and events organized by Siemenpuu are listed on the Events webpage and on facebook page, where you can find also news from Siemenpuu's partners in the South. Videos produced by Siemenpuu and partners can be found on our vimeo account. Follow Siemenpuu also in Twitter and in Instagram!