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Biodiversity and the Global South

Venue: Zoom and Facebook live

Siemenpuu Foundation’s webinar

Biodiversity and the Global South

The UN Biodiversity Conference should decide on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework from 25 April to 8 May 2022 in Kunming, China. Ongoing discussions are taking place between the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity and a range of stakeholders. Part 1 of the Conference held in October 2021 agreed upon the Kunming Declaration.

We are facing the ongoing catastrophic loss of biodiversity, as the earlier commitments have not turned into action or have not been enough. Will the 2022 Conference be able to make a global commitment and targets for 2030 as well as a sufficient action plan?


In this webinar, we are highlighting the issues under discussion in the new strategy and draft goals and actions for 2030 especially from a viewpoint of the movements in the Global South working for the biodiversity and rights of local communities. What to expect and not from the new Global Biodiversity Framework? How to influence the negotiations?

PRESENTATIONS by Siemenpuu’s partners:
Gadir Lavadenz from the CBD Alliance. Download Gadir’s pdf presentation here.
Simone Lovera from the Global Forest Coalition. Download Simone’s pdf presentation here.

Marina von Weissenberg, Chief Negotiator for Finland in CBD, will give commentary remarks.

Matti Nummelin will facilitate the discussion. Download the CBD – whats up? pdf backgrounder here.


Read Siemenpuu’s news and see the video recording from the webinar on Siemenpuu’s facebook page.

See the Facebook event

Simone Lovera
Co-founder and managing coordinator of the Global Forest Coalition (GFC), an international coalition of NGOs and Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations involved in international forest policy. GFC promotes forest conservation policies that respects the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and addresses the direct and underlying causes of forest loss, produces independent monitoring reports on the implementation of international agreements like the Convention on Biodiversity and coordinates joint campaigns on carbon trade and other market-based conservation mechanisms and the impacts of agrofuels.
Simone participates to the webinar from Paraguay.

Gadir Lavadenz
Global Coordinator of the CBD Alliance, a network of civil society organizations with a common interest in the Convention on Biological Diversity. Alliance tries to be a bridge between those who are involved in biodiversity related work on the ground, and those who participate at CBD sessions.
Gadir participates to the webinar from Paraguay.

Marina von Weissenberg
Chief Negotiator for CBD, Finnish Ministry of the Environment.
Marina participates to the webinar from Finland.

Matti Nummelin
Adjunct Professor and deputy member of the Siemenpuu Board of Directors.
Matti facilitates this webinar from Finland.

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