Siemenpuu's new brochure from December 2018 has basic information of Siemenpuu and its work themes, and on the reverse side, there is a map with some examples of the work results by Southern NGOs that Siemenpuu supported during 2015-2017. There is also a list of Siemenpuu's founding organizations. The original size of the two-side brochure is A3, and A5 as folded. Illustrations were mabe by Emmi Jormalainen. You can download the brochure and result map from here (one 550 KB pdf file)



Learning module on climate change

Environmental education organization FEE Finland and Siemenpuu have together produced learning module and materials on Climate Change and Southern Voices. The materials of the learning module are freely available for independent work. Videos on climate change and sustainable development issues from Siemenpuu's project partners in Argentina, Brazil, Mozambique, Mali, Nepal and India bring Southern voices to the learning module.


Some videos made by Siemenpuu and our partners can be found at Siemenpuu's Vimeo account, and there are some event video recordings on Siemenpuu's Facebook page.


Theme books

Siemenpuu produces publications on varying environmental themes. There is a new addition to the series approximately every two years. The books include case studies and stories both from the global South and Finland, and they are published in Finnish language. However, short English introductions of the books can be read from following pages below to get a grasp of their themes and perspectives. You can download Enriched or Impoverished? as pdf also in English. Several on the publication pages include a subpage and background article on book's theme, i.e. displacement, right to water, and right to forests.


In the book Luonnonsuojelun dekolonisaatio, the colonial structures of nature conservation are analyzed with examples from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Samí and Finland. Decolonizing ideas and approaches e.g. on convivial conservation from the indigenous and Southern community perspectives are then introduced.


Muutosvaihtoehdot web publication includes articles mainly from Southern writers and manifests from Southern movements on systemic change and development alternatives. Articles, manifests and infographics are divided under six themes: Hyvä elämä (Buen vivir), Kasvun purku (Degrowth), Yhteinen (Commons), Ekofeminismi (Ecofeminism), Maaemon oikeudet (Rights of the Mother Earth) ja Paikallistaminen (Deglobalization).


Kirjeitä tulevaisuudesta, published in 2017, contains dialogues, where the people from the Global South and North ponder the current local and global environmental problems and social injustices and search solutions to those. Writing to each others are fishermen, indigenous people, researchers, activists, poets and documentary makers e.g. from Brazil, Russia, Nigeria, Iran, India, Philippines and Finland. The texts are insightful, unconventional and challenging the rich North.


In Särjetty maa, published in 2015, you can hear stories from Brazil, Colombia, Mozambique, Mali, Kenya, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Finland and Sámi land. The stories tell about encounters and e.g. on modern-time fates related to land issues.


Sijoiltaan menneet, published in 2012, takes the reader to empty and destruction-menaced houses in the global South and North. The book focuses on evictions, the root cause of which lies on consumption, economic growth and so-called development.


Kirja vedestä, published in 2010, reveals the experiences of people living by or working with water. The book opens horizons for the causes, consequences and solutions of the water crisis.


Metsän jäljillä, published in 2009, contemplates what forest is besides raw materials or a variety of animal and plant species. The book traces multiple meanings of forests and maps possibilities to maintain and create sustainable relationships with forest.


Rikastettu vai köyhdytetty?, published in 2007, provides information and stories about the effects of mining industry in the developing countries. The matter concernes everyone who uses a computer, a cooking pot, a bus or a ring.