Nepal – Climate, environment and livelihoods

Webinar 19.5.2021
15.00-17.00 Finnish time
17:45-19:45 Nepali Time

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1. TANJA PIRINEN, WWF Finland. WWF Nepal works on integrating conservation and community development with an attempt to address the issues of livelihoods of local people living near protected areas.

2. BHOLA BHATTARAI, NAFAN. How to strengthen livelihoods, community-based natural resource management of indigenous communities, and civil society in Makwanpur District, Central Nepal.

3. ANTTI TURAKKA's presentation on the adaptation of rural communities to climate and environmental change is based on his long experience in development co-operation in Nepal.

4. SARITA LAMA from HIMAWANTI opens a view towards socially and economically disadvantaged, landless and vulnerable women's groups in Rautahat District, Central Nepal. She deals with land rights, food sovereignty and how to integrate the groups' plans in the local government's planning process.

5. RAJU JATI from SAHAS. How to make villages climate-resistant? The example is from Dhading district, Western Nepal. Key factors are increased knowledge and know-how at all levels, and affordable technologies and practices to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Webinar is arranged by Swallows of Finland in co-operation with the Siemenpuu Foundation's theme group on just transition.

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