After the Gold Rush, 22.5.2015

International seminar "After the Gold Rush" on gold extractivism and other economy building was held in Helsinki on 22 May 2015.  Download the After the Gold Rush seminar report (pdf) here, below you can see the seminar invitation, programme and presentations. The seminar continued the discussions on extractivism held during the Finnish Social Forum (see the FSF pdf report here, in Finnish) on 25 April 2015.


Time: Friday, 22.5.2015, at 9.00-13.30
Venue: Helsinki University, Fabianinkatu 26, room 115

Mining activities, production and resulting income determine the narrative on development in many countries. The debate around mining and extractivism, and their local and far-away socioecological consequences, is multifaceted. In some localities companies are asked for accountability and to share part of the profit with communities. In others, community members request stronger rights to pursue mining. Yet elsewhere the necessity of (certain) mining activities itself is questioned. In this seminar, with our speakers from Mali, Tanzania, Nigeria, India and Finland, we will go into the debate especially around gold. 

Linked to the debate around mining and extractivism is also new economy building, which would be strengthening people's and nature's well-being. One central question to be raised is, how does the underlying logic of other economy building stand in opposition to an extractivist logic, and what can these tensions come to mean locally. What do needs for materials and income mean in a solidarity economy and commons framework in the South and North?

The seminar will also act as a launching event for the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) report on the global economy on minerals (read more of the project here (in Finnish):

The seminar is organised in cooperation between Siemenpuu Foundation, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, Kepa, Dodo Sinsibere, and Friends of the Earth Finland. The seminar will be held in English, and moderated by Mr Marko Ulvila (Siemenpuu board chair). A more detailed program will be published later.

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For coffee and snack serving, please register at liisa.uimonen (at) by May 20th the latest!

For more information on the event and speakers, please contact:

Liisa Uimonen, liisa.uimonen (at), 050 5118 041 or Ruby van der Wekken, ruby.vanderwekken (at), 050 436 2171



9.00-9.20. Welcoming words by seminar moderator Mr Marko Ulvila, Siemenpuu chair.
Ms Titta Lassila, FANC: Summary of the discussions at the Finnish Social Forum and launching of the report on global economy of minerals

PART 1: Perspectives from Mali, Tanzania and Nigeria on gold mining and extractivism

9.20-9.50  Mr Kalidou Togola, mayor of Finkolo-Ganadagou in Sikasso, Mali: "Non Merci!"
What are the local consequences? How to increase corporate accountability of industrial mining? How to build other economy in opposition to artisanal gold extractivism?

9.50-10.05  Mr Alex Ruchyahinduru, Policy Forum Tanzania: Gold extractivism and the role of small scale miners in Tanzania

10.05-10.20  Mr Nnimmo Bassey, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Nigeria: "Breaking the Black Gold addiction."
What can we learn from the Nigerian struggle against oil extractivism?

Panel discussion on the different struggles, perspectives and current initiatives with Mr Togola, Mr Ruchyahinduru and Mr Bassey

11.00-11.20  BREAK with coffee and a salty snack 

PART 2: Perspectives from Finland 

11.20-11.30 Short video by FANC about gold mines' impacts in Lapland

11.30-11.45  Ms Anna Kantola, Pro Kuusamo Association: Case Pro Kuusamo and Juomasuo planned gold mine: local nature based livelihoods in cooperation

11.45-12.00  Mr Jari Natunen, biochemist (PhD): The ecological and social impacts of mining, especially gold and in Finland  Mr Otto Bruun, FANC: Do we need gold?

PART 3: Post-extractivism. What kind of economies are we building?

12.15-12.40  Ms Outi Hakkarainen, Kepa; Ms Ruby van der Wekken, Siemenpuu; and Mr Tuomo Alhojärvi, Solidarity Economy collective: Post-extractivism, solidarity economy and commons contributions to the debate. 

12.40-13.10  Some Questions and Answers beyond gold with Ms Indu Netam, Mines, Minerals and People; and Mr Jagdish Purohit, Society for Promotion of Wasteland Development, India: Case of bauxite in India. From overconsumption driven resource exploitation to minerals as a commons.

13.00-13.30  Final discussion and conclusions





The mining discussions will culminate in a panel discussion during the World Village Festival:

After the Gold Rush - extractivism from Mali to Finland

Taiga stage, Sunday, May 24th, at 16.20-16.50

Mining activities, production and resulting income determine the narrative on development in many countries. The multifaceted debate around mining and extractivism, and their local and faraway socioecological consequences, ranges from corporate accountability and community mining rights to fundamentally questioning the necessity of certain mining activities. In the panel, actors from Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania and Finland discuss the tensions between extractivism and economies based on solidarity values and local needs, while drawing from the outcome of the "After the Goldrush" seminar.