Myanmar - Call for proposals on CESCR civil society reporting to the UN

Deadline for applications: 7 May 2019

Siemenpuu Foundation calls for project applications which aim to protect biocultural rights of forest-communities in Myanmar through reporting to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) and other UN organs on how human rights can be secured in Myanmar in ways which save environment and biodiversity. 

This call for proposals is looking for 1-2 projects, starting around June 2019 and lasting for maximum two years - to be financed from Siemenpuu Foundation's funding scheme on biocultural rights of forest communities.

Applicants should be registered local civil society organisations (CSOs) in Myanmar, with experience and capacity for working together with local communities. The supported projects can also be implemented by CBOs and their networks in case the legal holders of the projects are registered CSOs. 

Planned projects should aim at supporting communities to document and report to the respective UN monitoring organs, particularly to the CESCR according to the respective reporting schedule and procedure, about the following issues:

- How communities' customary tenures and life-practices contribute to fulfil Myanmar's human rights obligations on security of food and tenure, on adequate housing and equal access to water, health, livelihood and viable environment in ways which comply with Myanmar's obligations on customary sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity

- What would be the threats which would hinder the due ICESCR compliant implementation of Myanmar's human rights and biodiversity related obligations in the communities in respect to the security of food and tenure, adequate housing, customary sustainable use of biodiversity and equal access to water, health and livelihood

- What would be needed to address and correct the causes which threaten to prevent their customary sustainable use of biodiversity by which their human rights and Myanmar's biodiversity commitments could be fulfilled?

Some general requirements for funding support:

- Communities are involved in both planning  and implementation of activities

- Reliable financial management and project financial auditing according to national laws and Siemenpuu specific project management and financial reporting guidelines

- Minimum of 10 % of self-financing (either cash, voluntary work and/or donated goods)


Time and budget scope:

- Project duration: maximum 2 years,

- Siemenpuu’s total budgetary reservation for the purpose is EUR 60 000 to be allocated to one or two projects


Application form and schedule:

The initial inquiry and request for project application forms should be sent to the following e-mail address: kari.bottas(at)

Deadline for submission of applications is 7th May 2019.  Funded projects need to follow the financial administration and reporting guidelines, provided by the Siemenpuu Foundation.

On co-operation in reporting to the UN 

As the CESCR recommends the NGOs to combine their ICESCR reporting, the readiness of NGOs to make a combined common reporting can be also considered as an important criterion for the support. Potential applicants are thus strongly encouraged to explore possibilities for joint projects together with other civil society organisations.

In the Siemenpuu Foundation, based on the proposals received, the aim is to identify a combination of projects, where their different features complement each other and where also different communities are involved in strengthening peaceful coexistence, cooperation and development in the country.

To find further presentation about the aim of the funding scheme on biocultural rights and about how community-based reporting on Myanmar to the CESCR and other UN organs could help in fulfilling this aim, please find here.  



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