Call for project concept papers on Feminist Agroecology and Community Forests in Liberia, DL 23 May 2022


  • Eligible to apply: Local, registered Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Liberia
  • Project concepts may focus 1) on community forests, 2) on agroecology, or 3) address both themes.
  • Project duration: from 9 to 36 months, starting earliest in October 2022.
  • Grant size: 35,000 ― 180,000 Euros (exceptionally, in case of a 36-month proposal including several implementing partners, maximum of 300,000 Euros may be considered).
  • Deadline for submitting concept papers: 23.5.2022. The application process consists of two phases: shortlisted applicants of this call will be invited to submit a full project proposal later on. Becoming shortlisted does not imply a positive funding decision.


Themes of the call

This call falls under Siemenpuu Foundation’s funding scheme called Feminist Agroecology and Community Forests. It is a tool to support Liberian and Mozambican Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) projects to strengthen the rights of local communities dependent on forests and small-scale farming, to improve these communities’ livelihoods and to conserve biodiversity. Funded projects are expected to actively strengthen the capacity and leadership of women and vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, in natural resource management.

In forest conservation, social sustainability based on forest dependent local communities’ collective rights, as well as their capacity to enjoy these rights, are emphasized. Advocacy for practices, legislation and policies preventing deforestation and biodiversity loss, as well as advancing local communities’ rights to sustainable forest-based livelihoods is considered crucial. Forests of high biodiversity value and carbon stock are prioritized. Following type of forest-related work is supported through the grants:

  • Advancing legalization processes related to local communities’ collective land and natural resource rights;
  • Planning and strengthening of forest conservation and sustainable use by local communities;
  • Prevention and monitoring of illicit natural resource use;
  • Strengthening of community based forest management capacity, transparency and accountability;
  • Development of sustainable livelihoods based on Non-Timber Forest Products, including their value chains;
  • Regeneration of degraded forest areas;
  • Efforts to increase gender equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities;
  • Measures to strengthen forest dependent local communities’ climate resilience and adaptation to the impacts of climate change;
  • Advocacy and networking of CSOs on community-based forest conservation and management.

Projects funded within the scheme may also focus on supporting local communities in developing agroecological practices – particularly in forested areas - in order to diversify livelihood options and nurture agricultural biodiversity. The aim of agroecology is a food system based on local communities, responsible production and responsible consumption. Following type of agroecology related work is supported through the grants:

  • Organisation of small-scale farmers, particularly peasant women;
  • Capacity-building and networking of peasant women to demand fair public policies, as well as to defend their rights to, for instance, land and seeds;
  • Transition to and development of agroecological methods, such as: nurturing soil health, recycling of nutrients, energy-saving, diversified crops, agroforestry, multi-layered cultivations, composting, production of natural pest control, conservation of native seed and animal varieties, minimizing of external inputs;
  • Development of value chains of agroecological products;
  • Peer support and learning;
  • Further measures to strengthen small-scale farmers’ climate resilience and adaptation to the impacts of climate change;
  • Efforts to increase gender equality and inclusion of persons with disabilities.


How to apply:

  • Familiarize yourself with the general requirements: The general criteria expected to be met by all projects funded by the the Siemenpuu Foundation are described in the following document: Funding Guidelines and Criteria (pdf). In addition, please go through the Ethical Code of Conduct (pdf) of the Foundation.
  • To present your project concept: please fill in the Siemenpuu Foundation Concept paper form (doc).
  • To submit the concept paper: please send the concept paper by 23 May 2022 to the following email address: info (at)
  • Next step: Concept papers will be assessed by mid-June against the funding criteria and thematic priorities of this call. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to provide a full project proposal by the end of July, 2022.
  • Becoming shortlisted does not imply a positive funding decision.


Download this call as pdf document (286 KB)



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Countries: Liberia