Siemenpuu's events at World Village Festival, 28 May 2017

During the 2017 World Village Festival in Helsinki on 27-28 May, Siemenpuu's desk A114 is located in the large Market of Possibilities tent in Kaisaniemi Park. Welcome to discuss about our work or partners! We also sell our Finnish language books Metsän jäljillä, Kirja vedestä, Sijoiltaan menneet, and Särjetty maa (cash only, prices 5-10 € each). Read more about the books here.

This year, Siemenpuu organizes the following two events at the festival, both on Sun 28 May. Welcome to participate! 


Access to justice in the murder cases of Jaakkola and Cariño (FIN/MEX)

  • Sun 28.5.2017 12.00–13.00 Kino Caisa (Mikonkatu 17C)

Bety Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola, participants of a human rights observation caravan on its way to the indigenous community of San Juan Copala, were murdered in an ambush by paramilitaries in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2010. For seven years, their families and lawyers have asked for the perpetrators to be arrested, tried and sentenced in a fight against impunity. The European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs has also petitioned the Mexican state for information on the investigation of the case. Progress has been slow. What is needed for justice to materialise?

The participants in the discussion are:
- Eve Jaakkola, Mother of Jyri Jaakkola
- Norma Pensado Moreno, Ambassador of Mexico
- Raija Toiviainen, Deputy Prosecutor General
- Satu Hassi, Member of Parliament (Green League)
- Anu Korppi, Team leader, Ministry for Foreign Affairs
- Karla Micheel Salas Ramírez, Attorney
- David Peña Rodríguez, Attorney

Discussion is moderated by jurist Tuomas Rinne. The discussion is held in English.

The document "A Mexican Murder Story" is screened before the discussion at 11.00 in Kino Caisa.

Programme info on at the festival website.

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Impacts of the Finnish pulp industry in Uruguay (FIN/URU)

  • Sun 28.5.2017 17.00–17.40 Mekong Stage (Railway Square)

After the new forestry law of 1987, Uruguay has aimed to be the most important producer of the raw material for pulp and paper industry. Finnish forestry giants UPM and Stora Enso have answered Uruguay's call. Both of the companies have their own pulp mills and altogether 300 000 hectares of eucalyptus plantations in Uruguay. A third pulp mill has been in discussions.

What are the environmental and social impacts of pulp industry in Uruguay from the viewpoints of the companies, critical civil society and a researcher? And how they see the future of the industry in Uruguay?

The participants in the discussion are:

- Elizabeth Díaz, Member of the World Rainforest Movementin secretariat
- Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Researcher at Hanken
- Timo Lehesvirta, Director of the international forestry at UPM
- Kirsi Seppäläinen, Communications director at Stora Enso

Discussion is moderated by journalist Jaana Kanninen from YLE. Discussion will be held in Finnish and Spanish.

Programme info at the festival website

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