Kirjeitä tulevaisuudesta book launch and tour 26.9.-8.10.2017

Siemenpuu's new book Kirjeitä tulevaisuudesta - Ääniä maapallon säästymisestä ("Letters about the Future - Voices on Saving the Earth", read more at the publication page) will be published at the book launch event on 26 September at Restaurant  Dubrovnik (Eerikinkatu 11). After that, there will be a publishing tour in Finland, visiting e.g. Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Koli, Oulu and Tampere. The last stop of the tour is at the Turku book fair on 8 October.

The international guests on the tour include Indian baiga indigenous Ujayaro Bai, Nigerian poet and Right Livelihood Award winner Nnimmo Bassey, Iranian academic and Shahsevan nomadic indigenous Taghi Farvar, Russian ecocommunity activist and researcher Antonina Kulyasova, Philippine feminist and indigenous land right activist Judy A. Pasimio and Brazilian Quilombo community activist and researcher Davi Pereira Júnior. Also several Finnish book correspondents and the book editor Antti Salminen will participate the events along the tour. The book tour and events are supported by the Kone Foundation.

BOOK TOUR PROGRAM (changes are possible)

Events marked with (**) are open to public. There is an entrance fee to Turku Book Fair.

26.9. at 18:30 Kirjeitä tulevaisuudesta publishing event (**) in Helsinki in Dubrovnik Lounge & Lobby (Eerikinkatu 11). Discussants/interviewees are Ujayaro Bai, Judy A. Pasimio and editor Antti Salminen. Interviewer Marko Ulvila. in the beginning of program Toni Haapanen plays solo, in the end of the night No One's Land plays rhythm music! Free admission. See more and join at the fb event page.

27.9. visit to Oma Maan organic food cooperative in Tuusula.

28.9. afternoon a seminar at Jyväskylä University. Guests include Ujayaro Bai, Taghi Farvar, Antonina Kulyasova and Judy A. Pasimio along with Finnish correspondents. Hosts: Teppo Eskelinen ja Bonn Juego.
At 18:30-21 "Many faces of sustainability" discussion event (**) in Jyväskylä at the Civic activity centre Matara (Matarankatu 6 A1). See more and join at the fb event page.

29.9.-1.10. 'Kohtuus vaarassa' citizen seminar at Koli association house. Siemenpuu's guests Ujayaro Bai, Taghi Farvar, Antonina Kulyasova, Judy A. Pasimio ja Davi Pereira Júnior. More info:

2.10. visit to Talvivaara mine and/or surroundings.
At 18:30-21 discussions and culture (**) in Oulu in Tuba Food and Lounge (Mannenkatu 2). The discussants include Ujayaro Bai, Nnimmo Bassey, Taghi Farvar, Judy A. Pasimio ja Davi Pereira Júnior and book editor Antti Salminen. Programme includes also Nnimmo Bassey's and Neha Zaidka's poetry and Johan Hakso & co's music See more at the fb event page!

3.10. at 10-12 seminar/discussion event at Oulu University, hosted by Tuomo Alhojärvi ja Johanna Lampinen.

4.10. A day in Katajamäki eco community and forests in Vilppula.

5.10. Tampere: afternoon a workshop between guests and local artists/community activists.
At 18:30 discussions and music (**) in Tampere in Restaurant 931 (Kehräsaari B). The guests include Ujayaro Bai, Nnimmo Bassey, Taghi Farvar, Judy A. Pasimio ja Davi Pereira Júnior. Also present the book editor Antti Salminen and several Finnish dialogue partners. Sirocco Beat duo (Abdullah Alsaadi and Ahmed Ali, guitars) plays and sings oriental - flamenco music. The songs are in Arabic but the stories will be introduced in English. See more at the fb event page!

6.10. Visit to Siuro. At 20:00 Sammakko's (book's publisher) book fair party (**) in Turku at Dynamo Club (Linnankatu 7).
(Judy A. Pasimio talks at 13-14 in a feminist dialogue at Helsinki University's Tiedekulma (**), see fb event page)

7.10. A day in Livonsaari eco community in Naantali.

8.10. "Kirjeitä tulevaisuudesta" book introduction (**) at the Turku Book Fair, Eino stage at 15:40-16:10. In Turku, the speakers include Ujayaro Bai, Davi Pereira Júnior, Inkeri Aula, Jaana Kouri and editor Antti Salminen. Siemenpuu's director Hanna Matinpuro interviews. See more at the fb event page.

Welcome to publishing events! More information from the book's Facebook page ja  book tour fb event page!