Beiran ja Nacalan käytävien maaseutuyhteisöjen voimaannuttaminen luonnonvarojensa suojeluun ja kestävään käyttöön

In the previously supported ADECRU project 14018AFR  ”Movement of those Affected by Megaprojects  (MAM)” 2014-2016, Siemenpuu support was geared towards the development of a process of mobilisation and struggle around the claiming of the social, civic and constitutional rights of communities negatively affected by mega projects in the defence of their natural resources as well as cultural and historical commons. The previous project supported the self-organisation of communities and their capacity for advocacy concerning their rights particularly in the provinces of Tete and Nacala.


This project then engaged in similar mobilisations and capacity building among the communities ADECRU was not able to reach out to during the previous project in the growth corridors of Beira and Nacala, and with this deepened and enlargened the MAM movement building process. In particular the project reached out to communities negatively affected by tree plantations in the Beira corridor in the districts of Namaroi, Ile e Mulevala (province of Zambezia), Sussundenga, Gondola and in the district of Manica (province of Manica);  aswell as in the Nacala corridor in Mecubure (province of Nampula). In these areas it is estimated some 4000 families are directly affected by the tree plantations, and some 1.325.386 families indirectly.  The project also reached out to communities negatively affected by agrobusiness projects as ProSavana and the development project of Vale do Rio in the corridor of Nacala.


A larger regional meeting was held then in November 2017 in order to maximise outreach (in which also some Brasilian partners took part), and which was also a highpoint of a mobilisation going over two corridors, during which struggles and solidarity were strengthened, and experiences exchanged.


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