Themes in short

Siemenpuu has changing themes that relate to information and communication work, and they appear especially in the publications and events of the Foundation. The most recent themes include 'local communities' and 'buen vivir'.

Buen Vivir

The concept of good living, 'buen vivir', originates from the indigenous Andean region and has inspired social movements around Latin America and gradually the rest of the world. Indigenous movements have in general become a key inspirational force for change.


According to some estimates, large-scale development projects will displace 150 million people during this decade. Around 80 percent of these people live in developing countries. Even cautious estimates suggest that in 2050 the number of climate refugees may exceed 200 million.


Deforestation continues to be one of the most pressing global and local environmental issues. With forests we lose entire species, landscapes and natural habitats. Particularly in the South, logging threatens not only nature but also human cultures and ways of living.

Local communities

Local communities are at the centre of Siemenpuu Foundation's activities. A new publication will be released in the Siemenpuu publication series in 2014. The publication will be themed 'Indigenous peoples and local communities - discovering expressive means to establish one's rights'. The format of the publication will be a collection of stories.


Mineral and energy consumption has accelerated dramatically in recent years. Extractive industry is globally one of the largest factors leading to land grabbings. Many local communities and indigenous peoples are asking whether mining companies really have the right to take advantage of their traditional lands.


Water is the foundation of life everywhere on Earth. While for many it comes in abundance, for many it cannot even supply their basic needs. The root causes of the water crisis lie deep within the structures of the modern industrial society. The struggle for water is a struggle for environmental democracy and justice.