Water crisis and the struggle for justice

Water is the foundation of life everywhere on Earth. While for many it comes in abundance, for many it cannot even supply their basic needs. The struggle for water is first and foremost a struggle for environmental democracy and justice.

The issues related to water are manyfold. Struggles against the privatisation of water, especially regarding urban water supplies, are fought all over the global South. In China, many river basins are partially so badly polluted that merely touching the water can be harmful to the skin. In many countries such as India, groundwater is depleting for example due to intensive cotton farming. Dam projects on Mekong River are threatening the livelihoods of millions of fishermen and the food security of tens of millions of people. As a result of land rush, agribusiness-related land grabbing, and the increasing number of pulpwood plantations, people are losing not only their lands but often their waters as well. Thus, this is not a question of land grabbing alone, but of water grabbing as well.

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48 hours and the perils of development in breathtaking Nepal


[Ruby van der Wekken] From 13th to 15th November I had the pleasure of spending 48 hours with Siemenpuu partner South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy in Nepal (SADED-Nepal), before heading on to India for a visit with its older sister organisation, SADED India.