Project funding

The Siemenpuu Foundation has eight regional and thematic cooperation programmes, through which most of the financial support is directed. In addition, a small number of individual projects are supported yearly. Most of them are recommended by the founding organisations. Siemenpuu doesn't have any actual open application window.

Here is the list of the funded projects in 2010-2016 (pdf, 440 KB)

The Global Dialogue programme (Democratic Dialogues and Action for Buen Vivir and Sustainability - Meaning of Just Life without Overconsumption) provides funding for projects promoting sustainable ways of living and alternative economic models in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Emerging from the Indian activist tradition and the global critique of development and modernisation, the South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy (SADED) network promotes the democratic development of South Asian societies. The focus of the programme supported by the Siemenpuu Foundation is on the relationships of communities with their natural environments, and on the connections of communities to the decision making on and management of these environments.

In Tamil Nadu, the Siemenpuu Foundation aims to support sustainable livelihoods in the coastal strips of the state and in the plains suffering from water shortage. The cooperation programme provides funding to village-level projects engaging in organic agriculture and the sustainable use of water supplies. Furthermore, the programme aims to build up community cooperation in nurturing the vitality of their living environments.

The National Adivasi Alliance (NAA) promotes and monitors the land rights of the indigenous communities in India, collectively known as Adivasis, the indigenous peoples. The focus of NAA activities is particularly on the rights of the Adivasis to forests and to the livelihood and cultural foundation these provide. The objective of the Adivasi cooperation programme is to empower and encourage Adivasi communities to participate in decision making and local governance of forests in accordance with Indian law.

In Indonesia, the Siemenpuu Foundation provides support to projects promoting the protection and sustainable use of forests and peatlands. The objective of these projects is to improve the life prospects of people living in forest regions and to advance the networking of environmental NGOs.

The Siemenpuu Foundation provides funding for Latin American networks of environmental NGOs and indigenous peoples which struggle against industrial plantations and promote the rights of communities, and which support environmentally and socially more sustainable horticultural farming.

The Siemenpuu Foundation programme in Mali promotes environmental protection in the Sikasso region. The programme is implemented in cooperation with MFC Nyetaa, an NGO which assists citizens to participate in decision-making on environmental issues. MFC Nyetaa also supports sustainable local livelihoods as a counterweight to the exploitative mining sector.

In the Southeast Asian Mekong River region, the Siemenpuu Foundation promotes the development of sustainable energy policy based on decentralized and renewable energy sources and realistic energy plans. The Mekong programme is implemented in cooperation with Mekong Energy and Ecology Network (MEE Net), a Thai NGO, which gives training in energy issues and conduct energy political research and advocacy work with the NGOs and researchers belonging to the network.